Suedish Pressing Release 1977
Live at Mont de Marsan, France 5th August 1977
The first edition is a red vinyl with a numbered stamped sleeve
Some reissue exists with the same sleeve and red, pink, blue and white vinyl
Label CC CC-677

Pressage Suedois, Sortie en 1977
Live à Mont de Marsan le 5 Aout 1977
LA premeiere edition existe avec une pochette blanche et numerotée avec un tampon
Les rééditions existent en vinyl rouge, bleu, rose et blanc

Label CC CC-677

A1 London's Burning
A2 Capital Radio
A3 Complete Control
A4 Pressure Drop
A5 The Prisoner
A6 I'm So Bored With The USA      
A7 Cheat
A8 Hate And War
A9 Clash City Rockers
B1 Remote Control
B2 Career Opportunities
B3 Janie Jones
B4 White Riot
B5 Garageland
B6 1977
B7 What's My Name
B8 Complete Control
B9 Protex Blue
B10 London's Burning