American Pressing
Release Date 1980
Recorded at the Capitol Theater on 8th March 1980
Not reissue known

Enregistré le 8 mars 1980 au Capitol Theatre
Pas de réédition
Pressage américain
de 1980

A1 Sixteen Tons
A2 Clash City Rockers
A3 Brand New Cadillac
A4 Safe European Home
A5 Jimmy Jazz
A6 London Calling
A7 The Guns Of Brixton
B1 Train In Vain
B2 Midnight The Sixth
B3 Kola Kola
B4 I Fought The Law
B5 Spanish Bombs
B6 Police And Thieves
C1 Stay Free
C2 Julie's Working In The Drug Squad
C3 Wrong 'Em Boyo
C4 Working For The Clampdown
C5 Janie Jones
C6 Complete Control
D1 Armagideon Time/English Civil War
D2 Garageland
D3 The Card Cheat
D4 Tommy Gun