English Pressing
Red, Back or Green vinyl
Demos and rareties
Release Date 2003

Label Darkside Records DSS LP 001

Vinyl rouge, vert blanc et noir
Demos et raretes
Date de sortie 2003
Label Darkside Records
DSS LP 001
Pressage Anglais

A1 1977 - Polydor demo. Produced by Guy Stevens at Polydor Studios, London, in December 1976 prior to the bands signing with CBS.
A2 Whit Riot - Another Polydor demo from the same sessions.
A3.Garageland - Complete version of the Rude Boy Rehearsal Rehearsal outake from 1978, restored and non-varispeed version. This is the first time this version, in this format has ever been released.
A4. Pressure Drop - CBS demo. Produced by The Clash at CBS studios, London, in late 197