Japanese pressing Double LP
Label Seven Dwarves - UD6543
Live at Hammersmith Palais, London -June 17, 1980

Pressage japonais , Double album
Label Seven Dwarves - UD6543
Concert du 17 Juin 1980 l'Hammersmith Odeon de Londres

A1 Clash City Rockers
A2 Brand New Cadillac
A3. Safe European Home
A4. Jimmy Jazz
A5. Revolution Rock
A6. Julie's in the Druq Squad
A7. The Guns of Brixton
B1 Train in Vain
B2 London Calling
B3 Spanish Bombs
B4 White Man in Hammersmith Palais
B5 Somebody Got Murdered
B6 Koka Kola
B7 I Fought the Law
B8 Jail Guitar Doors

C1 Police and Thieves
C2 Wrong 'em Boyo
C3 Clampdown
C4 Stay Free
C5 English Civil War
C6 I'm So Bored with the USA
C7 Complete Control
D1 Armagideon Time
D2 Rocker's Galore
D3 Bankrobber
D4 Tommy Gun
D5 Capital Radio
D6 London's Burning
D7 Janie Jones
D8 What's My Name
D9 Garageland